Dr. Yamasaki’s teaching philosophy is motivated by both her diverse teaching experiences and her program of research. Her empirically based teaching practices, which involve using diverse methodologies, developing student-centered lessons, and incorporating an emphasis on real-world applications, are guided by the principle that student engagement is essential to facilitating learning in the classroom.

For quick reference, a list of the courses Dr. Yamasaki’s has taught is listed below. A PDF version of her full C.V. is available for download here.


Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Psychology

Undergraduate Peer-Teaching Experience


“Dr. Yamasaki is a lecturer who does not lecture…she explores different topics alongside her students.” – Undergraduate student

“As a teacher, Dr. Yamasaki continuously encouraged creative thinking through inspiring open discussions relating to course topics…[she] fostered original ideas by praising all novel thoughts and participation within class.” – Graduate student

“When we dove into heavy course material, Dr. Yamasaki taught with clarity and eloquence unmatched by some lecturers twenty years her senior.” – Undergraduate student