Dr. Yamasaki’s teaching philosophy is motivated by both her diverse teaching experiences and her program of research and is centered around maximizing the learning success of her students. Her teaching practices are built upon three main principles: (1) Understanding that students come to class with a diverse set of experiences and skills and therefore her teaching methods must be accordingly diverse and accommodating, (2) Understanding that students mirror the energy presented by their teacher and therefore she must demonstrate care and effort in the way she prepares and delivers her lessons, and (3) Understanding that students learn best when they feel their teacher is responsive to their learning needs and therefore she must present herself as accessible and approachable to her students.

For quick reference, a list of the courses Dr. Yamasaki’s has taught is listed below. A PDF version of her full C.V. is available for download here.


Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Psychology

Undergraduate Peer-Teaching Experience


“Dr. Yamasaki is a lecturer who does not lecture…she explores different topics alongside her students.” – Undergraduate student

“As a teacher, Dr. Yamasaki continuously encouraged creative thinking through inspiring open discussions relating to course topics…[she] fostered original ideas by praising all novel thoughts and participation within class.” – Graduate student

“When we dove into heavy course material, Dr. Yamasaki taught with clarity and eloquence unmatched by some lecturers twenty years her senior.” – Undergraduate student