Grants & Awards


Warren Lambert Memorial Award (2019)

The Warren Lambert Memorial Award is provided by the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. The competitive award recognizes excellent scientific presentation skills based on the scientific rigor of the information presented, the quality of the oral communication skills, and the visual comprehension of the presentation.

Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award (2019)

The Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award honors the memory of Jason Albrecht, a promising young text and discourse researcher who passed away. The competitive award recognizes outstanding doctoral dissertation research. 

Earl and Mary Lou Hunt Endowed Graduate Fellowship (2017)

The Earl and Mary Lou Hunt Endowed Graduate Fellowship was created by University of Washington Professor Emeritius Earl “Buz” Hunt and his wife Mary Lou. The competitive award supports students who are pursuing their passions and conducting research independent from their advisors. 

Stroum Endowed Minority Fellowship (2016-2017)

The Stroum Endowed Minority Fellowship is a diversity-based fellowship provided by the University of Washington Graduate School in association with the Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program. The competitive award supports a graduate student’s academic study and research during one of their final years as a graduate student.

APA Dissertation Research Award (2015-2016)

The American Psychological Association (APA) Dissertation Research Award is sponsored by the Science Directorate of the APA. The competitive award assists doctoral students of psychology with research costs associated with their dissertation.


University of Washington Excellence in Teaching Award (2017)

The Excellence in Teaching Award is the University of Washington’s highest honor for graduate instructors who demonstrate an extraordinary ability in the teaching and learning process. Recipients of this award must be nominated by their students for consideration and only two graduate students across all university departments are selected to receive this award each year.

Department of Psychology Distinguished Teaching Award (2016)

The Distinguished Teaching Award is awarded by the University of Washington’s Department of Psychology to highlight and honor graduate instructors who demonstrate significant contributions to the department through teaching. Recipients of this award must be nominated by a faculty member in the department for consideration.


Department of Psychology and Human Development Excellence in Mentoring Award (2020)

The Excellence in Mentoring Award was awarded by Vanderbilt University’s Department of Psychology and Human Development to acknowledge an individual who went above and beyond in their commitment to effective mentorship of undergraduates.